What is The Melt?

It’s basically Jason Diamond Magazine. You might know me from something I’ve written for GQ, New York, Town & Country, or somewhere else. Maybe you’ve read one of my books or possibly you just wandered over here because somebody shared a link with you. Either way, the best way to describe this publication and me is I don’t have a thing. I’m into a lot of stuff and have never been happy just focusing on a single topic and trying to make it my beat. Instead, if you like pizza or pickles, eating in old bistros that have great French onion soup, movies from the 1970s, hardcore records from the 1980s, Larry David, Nancy Mitford, Alice Coltrane, old issues of Interview magazine, wishing you could have hung out at the Friars Club in the ‘50s, or you think Franz Kafka is hilarious and the title credits from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing is…the best thing. You’d like to hang out in more old diners or Japanese jazz bars, you think a lot about sandwiches and/orNora Ephron, old paperbacks, soup, martinis, old black and white Gap, etc. etc. etc. etc. then boy, have I got a newsletter for you!

So what do you focus on?

The easiest way to put it is stuff I like. Stuff I find interesting or stylish. The philosophy of this entire project is based on a quote by S.J. Perelman: “The main obligation is to amuse yourself.” I want to amuse myself, but I’m a writer, so the hope is that you, the person reading this, are also amused, entertained, engaged, and overall you are interested in whatever it is I’m writing about.

OK. But what’s the point of this?

The point is that I’ve been around the block…a few times. Editor at Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal, editor at like five websites that are no longer around, I’ve published…everywhere. Honestly. Everywhere. It’s wild. But at the end of the day, I gotta be me. I need an outlet all the time and the media landscape is always topsy-turvy, so The Melt is my aim for some more stability. Right now, it’s just me. In the future, I’d like to also be able to give other writers a platform to just do whatever it is I do, except their version of it. I’d like to grow this over time and by just reading this, you’re helping to do that.

Can I send you stuff?

I’d be interested in that, thanks. Just take a look at the newsletter and get an idea of what I like. My e-mail is jasondiamondmelt@gmail.com.

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